We are BeamSystems

Specialists in audiovisual products

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What we do

We supply quality audiovisual-equipment and have our own specialized technicians, who offer our customers the best possible service. 

Our approach

We offer a broad range of audiovisual equipment. The highest quality, combined with personalized advice. Reliability is the basis of each collaboration. We deliver on time, communicate clearly and honour our promisses. Always.

Our people

We are a professional team consisting of trained technicians. Moving image is our mutual passion. We run like a well-oiled machine. Each of us strives for perfection. To the smallest detail. 

  • Arnold Verbrugge
  • Bastiaan Bus
  • Bob Hilderink
  • Frank Visser
  • Jason Malone
  • Jelle Oppers
  • Jesse Salome
  • Jivika Pedersen
  • Joey Boon
  • Jozef Heij
  • Maarten van Slooten
  • Marco Kouwenhoven
  • Martin Koorn
  • Mike Laske
  • Monique van der Toom
  • Niels Otten
  • Onno Hekman
  • Ronald Frese
  • Ronald van Alphen
  • Stéphane Blokhuis
  • Zoë Heij