Questions to BeamSystems?

We would like to assist you the best we can. That is why we have listed frequently asked questions below. Is your question not listed? Please contact us. We look forward to help you. 

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  • Can I rent individual products at BeamSystems?

    Almost all the equipment BeamSystems rents out, can be rented individually. Just for one day, or for several months. We gladly think along with choosing the right model, that handy tripod, and the right cabling. 

  • Will all the equipment I rent be tested in advance?

    All products returning to our wharehouse are inventoried and tested in our testing room. In our administration, we accurately keep track of the number of lamphours of projectors. After that, the complete and tested equipment is returned to the wharehouse, where it will be ready for pick up or delivery. 

  • Do I pay the same rental price for each day?

    When equipment is rented for more than a day, we apply a discount. This means that you will pay the daily price for the first day, and a percentage of this price for the following days. Especially when you rent equipment for over a week discount can increase. 

  • Can I rent equipment per hour or per shift?

    All our equipment is rented out for at least one day. Due to our quality control, it is not possible to rent it out for less than the daily price. 

  • How do I know what cabling I need in order to connect everything?

    Having the right cabling is key. Unfortunately, there is a lot of unreliable supply is in the running. The cabling and adapters on offer continue to develop. In order to be sure that you use the appropriate cabling for products and that you connect the equipment fault-free, we gladly advice you in choosing the right cabling. On request, we can also make a cablingplan, including spare cables. 



  • Why choose BeamSystems?

    Developing the right light design and soundplan is a profession in itself, as is the display of film and the playback of content. The right knowledge of players and codecs is key for ensuring smoothly running display. For instance, different projectors often vary in colour differences. We make sure that they are adjusted perfectly, so the colour will be the same. 

  • Do you also create content, such as leaders, bumpers, or even complete videomapping for productions?

    In corporation with our creative agency BeamLab, we are able to provide a complete presentation for each situation. Depending on the order and the desired style, a skilled team is composed, where BeamSystems delivers the hardware. 

  • Can I invite you to visit the production's location?

    For the bigger productions a site visit is indispensable, even when detailed maps and CAD drawings are available. The sooner we are involved in the production, the better we are able to give accurate advice in achieving the best result. 


  • Why should I purchase equipment from BeamSystems specifially?

    BeamSystems is an independent distributor of audiovisual equipment. For each request, we determine the requirements of the equipment, and subsequently choose the manufacturerThanks to our longstanding experience in renting out equipment, our technical team knows the equipment from both inside, and out. Therefore, we know exactly where equipment must be assessed, and what would be the best protection for the equipment, when stored for a longer period of time (for instance on a tour). An important advantage is that customers purchasing from BeamSystems, will get a 70% discount on the rental of replacement products, in the unlikely event that products are defect, or in need of service. Furthermore, we offer a lot of possibilities in additional service. Our delivery varies from an individual projector in a custom-made flightcase, to a complete design and furnishing of spaces. 

  • What is the guarantee on purchased equipment?

    The guarantee we provide on newly-purchased equipment equals the manufacturer's warranty. If desired, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be concluded with BeamSystems, for extensive service- and guarantee agreements.

  • Does BeamSystems supply replacement equipment in the event of malfunctions?

    BeamSystems has an extensive range of rental-equipment. When purchased equipment is in need of service or repair, you can rent replacement equipment with a 70%-discount. 

  • Can I rent a temporary lens for a purchased projector?

    We advice customers purchasing a projector for flexible deployment, to choose a model for which we have interchangeable lenses in our rental range. So you can be flexible without having to invest in expensives lenses!

  • What do I think off when purchasing?

    Take into account that purchasing products takes more time than one would expect. When requesting a quote, do not forget to ask for brackets for suspension, and flightcases for transport. It is also important to take into account the costs of maintanance (for instance changing of lamps). 


  • Have you got an emergency service?

    In the event of emergencies and malfunctions, BeamSystems can be consulted after office hours. Our 24 hour emergency service can be reached on +31 6 21547847. Depending on the malfuction and made agreements, onsite service can be provided. 

  • Can you test all presentations, videos and other other visual material, prior to a production?

    Yes, we would be happy to! This prevents problems during the production itself. On request, we test whether everything is delivered in the same aspect ratio and quality. We rank presentations and determine whether videos are in need of adjustment. 

  • Can I invite you for a site visit for a production?

    For bigger productions site visits are indispensable, even when detailed maps and CAD drawings are available. The sooner we are involved in the production, the better we are able to give accurate advice in achieving the best result.