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New journey at Heineken Experience

4 Apr 2018

The brand new attraction ‘Brew You Ride’ part of Heineken Experience has been open since 22 January 2018. To enhance the capacity and logistic flow of the Heineken Experience a large team of specialists co-created this new audiovisual journey. The entire process of brewing, bottling and enjoying your Heineken beer is brought to life in a new audiovisual journey.

Commissioned by Heineken Experience and Heijmerink Wagemakers (projectmanagement technical design, development and realisation) a team of specialists realised the attraction. Northernlight made a spatial and visual design, content was created by Tamschik Media + Space and BeamSystems designed and realised the overall audio-visual installation. The impact of visual story telling, soundscapes and a route through different rooms make this a unique experience.  Go Brew You Ride!

Image: Jenni Dermaux BeamSystems

Efteling ride Symbolica wins international prize

9 Apr 2018

In the summer of 2017 Efteling opened their ride Symbolica in honour of their 65th  anniversary. A Palace of Fantasies where nothing is what it seems. BeamSystems has collaborated in building this beautiful indoor ride. We are very proud that this ride has been awarded a prestigious THEA Award in the United States. The THEA Award is the “Oscar of the theme park industry”

According to the jury “Symbolica is a world class attraction, where an innovative way of storytelling enlivens the experience. It is combined with astonishing creativity, imagination, craftsmanship, a detailed thematization, lifelike animatronics and a trackless transport system enabling the carts to move freely.“

Image: Symbolica scene Observatorium

Closed on May 10 and 11

4 May 2018

For Ascension Day BeamSystems will be closed on Thursday 10 May and Friday 11 May.

Photo credits: Janus van der Eijnden for Amsterdam Light Festival

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