Interactive Installation

Nowadays, computers are advanced enough to make video images anticipate to the movements of spectators.

The Xbox Kinect has made a breakthrough in this regard.
Virtual Reality has now become a common application at home, but also in museums, schools and even theatre shows.

Depending on the desired application we will help you to select the appropriate equipment. We can provide you with the needed equipment and knowledge to develop your interactive installation.

Heineken Experience - Go Brew Your Ride
3D Videomapping - Schiphol
Jacco Olivier - AMC
CARNE y ARENA - Inarritu - Casco Amsterdam 2018
Mediamarkt Rotterdam 01
Mediamarkt Rotterdam 02
Mediamarkt Rotterdam 03

Recommendation for an interactive installation making impact

Analyse the location properly beforehand

For choosing and determining the location, it is important to analyse external factors beforehand. For example, is there a lot of traffic, light of movement on site? Then, it is important to take this into consideration. 

Be aware of unexpected light sources

Not all light sources in the surroundings are visible. Unexpected sources, such as infrared light, can negatively influence the detection. That is why it is important to be aware of this when choosing a location. Also sunlight can cause unexpected effects on detectors. 

Ensure a stable environment

An interactive installation is usually develeoped for a specific and set environment. If the design changes, this can have disastrous consequences for the results of the installation. Then, detection or display is not in line with the reality anymore. 

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Our productions for interactive installations

CARNE y ARENA Casco Amsterdam 2018
Samsung Experience - Augmented Reality
Samsung Experience - Augmented Reality

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