We sell high-end audiovisual equipment. Ranging from a single lens, to a state-of-the-art-video-installation: we will provide you with an all inclusive solution. 

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Why BeamSystems?

We give independent advice

BeamSystems is an independent distributor of audiovisual equipment. For each request, we determine the requirements of the equipment, and subsequently choose the manufacturer. 

We provide additional service

Once you have purchased equipment at BeamSystems, we install, manage and ensure maintenance. You can be sure your equipment is in good care.

We have a wealth of experience

Thanks to our longstanding experience in renting out equipment, our technical team knows the equipment from both inside, and out. Therefore, we know exactly where equipment must be assessed, and what would be the best protection for the equipment, when stored for a longer period of time (for instance on a tour). 

We offer an extra safety net

Customers purchasing from BeamSystems, will get a 70% discount on the rental of replacement products, in the unlikely event that products are defect, or in need of service.

We provide customised service

If you desire customisation, we gladly think along. We deliver tailor-made solutions, ranging from a single projector in a flightcase, to a complete design of an audiovisual installation. 

Who do I contact for sales?

Contact: Jelle Oppers
+3120 4271010

What to think of when purchasing?

Make an inventory of the additional equipment you need

Do not forget brackets for suspension, flightcases for transport and the costs of storage.

Think of costs of maintainance

When purchasing an installation or equipment, maintainance is inevitable; consider additional costs, for instance the replacement of lamps. 

Think of a back-up plan

It is good to have a safety net when equipment demands repair or service. Under such circumstances, BeamSystems rents out equipment with a 70% discount.