Theatre performances

A successful theatre performance requires full dedication of the people involved and high quality video- and audio-equipment. The collaboration between creative and technical staff, combined with optimal control of the equipment, ensure reliable functioning and complete the theatre experience on le moment supreme

BeamSystems delivers equipment and expert technicians, professionally supporting your theatre performance from begin to end. 


Blank Out 3D - Michel van der Aa
South African Road Trip - Copyright Raymond van Olphen
JR FC Bergman - Holland Festival 2018
Barbara van Loon 01
Barbara van Loon 02
Holland Festival - As Big As The Sky
Holland Festival - The-End
Holland Festival - Die Schöpfung 01
Matthaus Passion - Obrechtkerk - Dirk Wolf
Holland Festival - Die Schöpfung

Recommendations for a stunning theatre performance

Select the right equipment

Selecting the right equipment brings out the best of your theatre performance. We can assist you in choosing the mediaplayer, lenses, and other essentials. 

Select a team of trained technicians

Creating the right conditions for a succesful performance allow the stakeholders to feel as comfortable as possible, where the role of technicians operating the equipment is vital. We can help with the training and guiding of theatre technicians, ensuring they will get to work well prepared and confidently. 

Ensure customization

The design, the various rooms and the sightlines of the audience, are the biggest challlenges of theatre production. That is why the required equipmentsets are composed for each production by our specialised technicians. 

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