Commercials, shoots and recordings

For recordings of commercials, shoots or even Hollywood films, use is made of projection or videomapping as background image more often. Because projectors with a high light output and a high resolution are often more affordable, the costs thereof outweigh the post-production costs that come with the editting of, e.g. a greenscreen recording. 

We can help you in giving your commercial, shoot of (short) film an extra visual dimension. 


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Recommendations for a beautiful commercial, shoot or recording

Take into account the shutterspeed

Take into account the shutterspeed of camera's towards the frame rate of a projector. That way you can ensure they are perfectly synchronised. 

Pay attention to the lighting

Since the projection surface 'reflects' light, this can cause indirect lighting. Sometimes that can be a advantage, however, it can also be a disadvantage. Depending on your artistic desires, it is important to be aware of this in advance, and adjust your desires in accordance with the gaffer.

Make a 3D-drawing of the set

Determine the exact position of the projectors in advance. That way, your can avoid surprises with, e.g. shadows created by actors or objects. 

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