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Events and conferences are often exciting for all the people involved. That is why it is nice to have things relating to the timing, layout and crew under control. By testing everything in advance, and by properly discussing it, you can adapt quickly for the time being. 

We gladly talk things through in the preperation. Where necessary, we help you with creative and flexible solutions. That way, we can ensure your event or conference running smoothly. 


Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds 03
IDFA - Documentary Ball
Alpe d'HuZes 01
Buma Music In Motion - Amsterdam
Zaanse ondernemersdag
Zaanse ondernemersdag 02
TEDx Amsterdam - Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
TEDx Amsterdam - Concertgebouw
TEDx Amsterdam - Stadsschouwburg
Ammodo Science Award 01
Ammodo Science Award 02

Recommendation for an inspiring event or conference

Ensure proper preperation

Preperation and control of the content beforehand is very important. We offer the possibility to have all the content assessed in the BeamStudio in advance. By going through all the details regarding layout, but also the timing of building and completing, the foundation is layed for a neat presentation. 

Put together a reliable team of specialists

Conferences and events, like other product-presentations and awards, often come with stress. Stress of the client, presentators with low presentation skills, or candidats. Especially on the day itself, it comes down to having a good team ready to calmy process all last-minte requests of speakers and present the right image on time. For that reason, one should work with specialists. We have a network of stage-builders, rigging-, light-, and audiospecialists, showcallers, content-builders and specialists in the field of broadcastregistration, so you can always switch quickly. 


Make use of a countdown timer

By making use of a countdown timer for the speakers, you can prevent that presentations exceed the time limit. This way you will keep control, and the planning of events will not be compromised. 

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Our productions for events and congresses

TEDx Stadsshouwburg Amsterdam
What Design Can Do 2016
VJ on the Dom

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