At festivals you will see all sorts of audiovisual productions: from performances to film showings, art works, presentations and decors. Uniformity and appearances are important aspects on festivals, in which video can serve as both a main goal, and as support. 

Together with you we gladly ensure a consistant line in the visual presentation of the festivalproduction. 

BYOB Brakke Grond
Holland Festival - Quartett -foto Rudy Amisano
Museumnacht - Van Gogh Museum
VJ on the Dom 2014 - Utrecht
Cinekid Festival Amsterdam

Recommendations for a festive festivalproduction

Ensure a good planning

At festivals lots of things have to be build up and dissambled, under unusual circumstances and in a short period of time. Therefore, timing is crucial. By making a clear planning, you can anticipate on such things in the best possible way. 

Clear away all visible equipment and cabling

Take into consideration that the site has to be available for a big audience during the festival. That is why it is important that the equipment and cabling is neither visible nor wihtin of reach of the public. 

Think of an uniform appearance

A festival has got a clear identity. A consistant visual line ensures that the festival identity is accentuated. We can make certain that the content and chosen equipment contributes thereto. 

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