Light festivals

Light festivals have become a popular new genre. Examples of well-known Dutch festivals are Glow and Amsterdam Light Festival. Videomapping on buildings or objects is often a populair part of the programme. 


Videomapping - VJ on Tour
GLOW Eindhoven - Un-retained
GLOW Eindhoven - Un-retained 02
Oursler - Stedelijk Museum
ALF BeamLab - Mozes & Aaronkerk

Recommendations for a luminous light festival

Take into account the weather forecasts

Light festivals usually take place during the winter, where harsh weather conditions are no exception. Other external factors such as street lights and traffic, are also of influence. All these factors determine whether a light installation is enjoyable or not for the audience. We can provide you with weather-resistant climate chambers. That way the show can always go on, come rain or shine. 

Discuss the light conditions in time

By discussing the light conditions on site with us in time, we can together ensure that we come up with the best solutions for the most beautiful effect. 

Ensure a 24 hours power supply and internet connection

If you will make sure there is a 24 hours power supply, you can be assured that the climate control also works when the installation is off. If you, besides that, make sure there is a reliable and functioning internet connection, we can always give you remote primary support. 

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Our light festival productions

GLOW Eindhoven Un-retained
Stedelijk Museum - Oursler

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