With a 3D-projection, two images are projected, where the left and right eye of the spectator both see one of those images. That way a three-dimensial image is shaped in the brains. A 3D-projection is not the same as a 3D-videomapping. With 3D-videomapping you project - contrary to a 3D-projection - on a three-dimensional object. BeamSystems has this advanced expertise. 

Together, we gladly look at which technique is the most suitable for your intended projection. 


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Recommendations for an overwhelming 3D-experience

Determine the desired image size and viewing distance in advance

Already at the recordings or the making of 3D-animations it is important to determine the position of the spectator in relation to the screen. For the maximum 3D-effect, the content has to be adjusted well to this. 

Think carefully which technology you would like to use

It is important to think of which technology is most suitable for your production. This can be passive, circulair or lineair polarisation. We are happy to help you with choosing the right technology. 

Choose the right projection screen

The projection screen can make or break your 3D-projection. With our advice, you can make sure that the projection screen leaves nothing to be desired. 

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